Birdemic Trailer

Submitted by Julian C.

Dear God, Jesus or Santa,

I have been good lately. I have cut way down on blaspheming your holy names, haven't kicked a homeless person in nearly a month and despite being routinely subjected to the worst videos ever conceived, I have managed to write this article for nearly three years without flying into a single homicidal rampage.

All I ask in return is to please, please, PLEASE let this be real. Please. I need this. Just this once, I need this. Please.

Your homeboy,

Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

Critics Corner

""how big wuz the sale"
"one million dolllers" *puts pinky to lip* *fights giant bird pinatas w/ a wire hangar*


"5 stars"


"i love the birdemic theme song.."this is birdemic" "


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