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Loyal AwfulVision reader Zibralter sent in this video of a soon-to-be internet sensation by the name of "Lurker Bunny". At first, I just kinda glanced over the video as I do with all the entries (what? you think I put effort into this article?) Then, something kinda grew on me, much in the way cancer grows on an otherwise healthy lung: this girl is really goddamn crazy. Like, not knowingly "Heh. I do it to piss people off!" crazy like Miss Jackie, but really honest-to-god loony bin crazy.

I honestly can't even stand to watch any more of her videos right now. Maybe I'll review some more later. For real, I couldn't stand the "fat girl who dressed all wacky and is all outgoing because no one would fuck her" in High School and I still can't.

It did get me wondering, though: I wonder if Lurker Bunny did humanity a favor and kept her insanity on YouTube? As it turns out, no. No she did not. Were you really expecting anything else?

(Also, I'm going to go ahead and 'fess up: A lot of this week's stuff isn't going to be video based. I am sorry, but the horror of Lurker Bunny deserves more than just having her dumb videos mocked)

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