Lurker Bunny - the Director RELOADED


Jesus bitch, what is your goddamn deal you are all hell of fucked up.

All of her videos sound like bad Margaret Cho-esque stand-up comedy only you wait and wait for the punchline but that punchline ain't comin'. It ain't coming man. That punchline is dead as shit and it just ain't comin'.

They were... *leans in* RAPPING.

I can't sit through 9 minutes of this horse plop. I just CAN'T.

Why do people with Aspergers always live amidst a sea of garbage?

Her past Halloween costumes include a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume, a Doctor Who costume, and a costume based on her anime/furry alter ego. I'll let you fill in the joke here. (Hint: It's her. She is the joke)

"It's something you'll never have, you disgusting shit." See? There. It didn't take me 6 fucking minutes, why did it take you that long?

She's REALLY into the Electric Company (an old, Seseme Street-esque kids show). Don't believe me? Just watch the video. SHE IS ANGRY.

I CAN'T control the volume of my voice.

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