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First, Tom Campbell refused to slash social programs that help brown people.

Then he butt raped California with a whopping 32 cent fuel tax. Literally. It was literally rape. In the butt.

What's next, Tom Campbell? Dressing up as an ovine Terminator demon and single handedly destroying our wool industry?

This November, vote for someone who doesn't want to do bad things to a ham-fisted metaphor for Christians. Vote for Carly.

Citizens for Carly

"Wow. Thatÿ was god-awful. If that's her idea of marketing, it's no wonder she's considered one of the twenty worst CEO's in history. Maybe she should use that 40 million she was paid for being a failure (she was fired, because she sucked -- the 40 mill. was her golden parachute) and make a real ad."


"Fiorina is not only among the worst CEOs in Americanÿ corporate history, she is also a complete clueless idiot for airing this insulting nonsense. No wonder she is going down in flames."


"Vote for her? Did every other person in California die? If there are still other humans alive in CA. then there are people far more qualified for the job than Carly Dearest.ÿ"


"As anÿ ad supporting this or that candidate it's terrible. As an ad supporting the legalization of LSD, however... "


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