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Y'know, honestly at this point in my writing career, I'm ready to say that compared to 99% of Youtube, some idiot frat boy with a puppet lip synching to an mc chris song about getting high on cough syrup and recording an incredibly grainy video of it is actually not too bad. I mean, I've reviewed videos that have made me want to shoot myself (masturbating animated dog), videos that make me want to stab AIDS-filled hypodermic needles into my ears (Complete: Behind the Music) , and videos that have probably given me cancer of the dick (Miss Jackie dancing).

Compared to those, I can't fault this video too much; so congratulations "DiscoDRU"! Your stupid fucking waste of space video is sufficiently less a stupid fucking waste a space than the vast, overwhelming majority of Youtube that, by proxy, it fucking rules. I hope you're happy, you dickless piece of cunt shit. Fuck you.

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