This week's Comedy Goldmine is bringing to you a blast from the past. The Atari 2600 featured some of the most important titles in gaming history. Pac Man. Pitfall. Break Out. The game with the green blobs on a black background. They were all here. With the aid of a helpful boxart creator, the forum goons decided to rewrite the history books and create packaging for the games that could have been. I will hold a grudge against you forever if you don't check out their contributions!

First up is Aardmania, offering you a look at a strange alternative dimension where people want to play Q*Bert

I demand that you enjoy the following three contributions, courtesy of BadgerSeat.

buspAss had to make his entry look different to show how much better he is than everyone else. I'll bet he was the kind of kid who had $150 sneakers and didn't even PLAY basketball. He simply wore them to make everyone else hate their lives just a little bit more.

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