Stuff On My Cat, submitted by Diana. Some sites the internet spews out of its gaping maw are bizarre. Some are shocking to any civilized mind. Some are more grotesque than a circus sideshow freak could ever dream.

But most are just stupid. Today's ALOD plants its feet firmly in that last category.

Sightings: You can see the site being mentioned all over the place these days. Yahoo! named the site as one of the best sites of 2005. The site was mentioned in the breakdown of the coolest things of 2005 in the December issue of GQ Magazine, it was mentioned in the December issue of Loaded Magazine, props were given in the November issue of ELLEgirl and BusinessWeekOnline named the site a winner for their “Best Of The New Web” humor category. If you spot mentioned anywhere in the wild let me know, take care!

Congratulations Yahoo, GQ Magazine, Loaded Magazine, ELLEgirl, and BusinessWeekOnline. You sure do like a dumb site!

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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