Some people take cars very seriously. They know all the technical terms, all the best motors and have seen Pixar's "Cars" more than a dozen times. Quite often, this demographic of automobile lovers can intersect with the group of people who have more money than common sense. This sickness can manifest itself in disturbing manners, such as having the urge to buy a custom licence plate and somehow being proud of this fact. This week, the forum goons have banded their powers together in an effort to name and shame the individuals who hurt the motor industry more than the time Henry Ford was caught strangling a bunch of Jewish children with his bare hands. Have a look at the following number plate nightmares.

dunos started things off with a number plate reminding him of his favorite pass-time.

Kitsune 2049

I'm on the road for 8 or 9 hours a day, so I come across a lot of baffling plates, but a few are truly awful:

What the hell else could this possibly mean?

The stuttering unit rolls in a Hyundai.

Related to the previous?

I'm afraid this one might mean what I think it means. Memes don't belong on vanity plates.

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