Day 3

A good chunk of the room is done now, but Sherman went home all pissy after my other stupid sister told him UFO's werent real during that Peter Jennings special, and megan was busy being a sperm recepticle for her boyfriend or something like that i assume, so i had to go it alone. HAHA MAKE MASTURBATION JOKES YOU STUPID GBS FUCKS I'LL KILL YOU I SWARE

20: first thing i do is that corner with the stereo so just in case Sherman comes back over he cant make me listen to crappy music. that duck thing was already wrapped up, i think maybe that's what sherman did when me and megan were working yesterday.

21: oh yea these god damn fairies are everywhere all over the god damn walls. hello new desktop background.

22: bla bla bla i am tired and foiling like mother fucking crazy and forget to take pictures. deal with it. we start our tour of the final room. I covered up those stupid fairies with pictures of robots. FUCKING ROBOTS. if they fauxtest something i swear to god i'll burn this house down.

23: this is what it looks like when you first walk in. also this is what it looks like if you are walking out backwards.

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