Well, if there's one thing the Something Awful Forum Goons are good at, it's abusing random things they find on the Internet. Forum user Maxim_fH stumbled upon this website by the friendly folks at makestickers.com, and made a few stickers to get the ball rolling. And did it ever roll! Check out these babies, print em out, and stick em on YOUR car! You'll be the bell of the ball when you roll up in you riced up Gremlin, with a bumper laden with offensive and non-sensical phrases! That is, if you're too cheap and disloyal to purchase our official Something Awful bumper stickers, molded of the finest plastics harvested from the isle of El Plástico es Corrosivo a la Piel y el Ano! With a name THAT Spanish, you know it has to be fabulous! Anyhow, on with the show!

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