Welcome to this installment of everyone's favorite stupid craze, The Goldmine! It's cool like the Fonz, and hot like homoerotic Arthur Fonzarelli fanfiction! But enough about that, onto business.

This week's topic is about a meeting. Looking at it, you'd think it's any other meeting. But it's not, retard! This meeting has been interrupted!

But the question forum user Rastor posed was "Interrupted by what?" Well, friends, come join me on a magical journey in which we'll find out a little something about the meeting, ourselves, and maybe - just maybe - our own bodies.

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The Comedy Goldmine examines the funniest and most creative threads from the Something Awful Forums. Although the Comedy Goldmine has changed authors many times over the years, its focus on the Something Awful Forums is still the same. Includes hilarious Photoshops, amusing work stories, parodies, and other types of oddball humor.

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