Howdy, weekly readers! The week hit Tuesday once more, and as it stands, that day tends to bring a Goldmine to the limelight! But enough babbling from me, because I'm drunk!

This week's thread is about something very near and dear to me. Japanese movie posters. If you've seen Japanese versions of American posters, you know why it's so important to me. The Japanese refuse to see movies unless the words "Super", "Happy", or "100%!" are thrown in at random, nonsensical intervals. Forum user Lloyd UK picked up on this and decided to see what everyone's interpretation of this was. Of course, as usual, results were wacky and such. Enough talk, time to take ACTION! Read it suckers, and if you like it, check out the Awful Forums* and enjoy the cooling, soothing rush of comedy, like Gold Bond powder being poured on your funnybone.

* Please, please, please: If you join the forums, read the rules before you post. Read, comprehend, post. It'll be better for everyone if you do!

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