"My brother? He NEED to steal cars!"

- Sociology 203

"What's Poland?"

- Asked of me in a study room

In my Physical Geography class at University...

"Does anyone know what the Gaia theory is?"

"The Gaia theory is the belief that the world acts as a living orgasm"

"So can you see the lines between the states from space?"

- Random chick in beginner Astronomy class at SDSU

Sophomore year of highschool :
"Wait...how do you subtract again?"

One week later, same girl

"How many sides does a triangle have again ? "

"Who here has been to a non-English speaking country and felt flustered because they couldn't understand what was happening?"

A dumbass raises their hand.

"And what country was it that you experienced this?"


Freshman in COLLEGE.

During the last semester of my senior year, I had a class called "Science, Technology, and Society." Stupid, but needed it to finish up some of my degree requirements and it looked less painful than most of the others.

It sucked. For the most part, it was a large discussion on the morality of technology and how it affects society. That in itself isn't bad, and is something that should be thought about. The problem was the instructor for the course was a PhD candidate finishing her thesis on this very subject and was very biased. She, along with students in the class, were paranoid about new technology (meaning, anything they didn't understand). Some were worse than others, and it was hilarious to piss people off by leading them along what they said to their logical conclusions--a few times I got people to say things like "We'd be better off without any technology at all" and "videogames should be banned because they are more addictive than most drugs".

The few engineers (and other science-based) majors in that class were fine, the humanities majors in the class were almost universally paranoid.

Did I mention I went to Michigan Technological University? I simply cannot comprehend why people so paranoid about any and all new technology would go to a Tech school.

"As you know, we have a test next Thursday..."
"Is it going to be multiple choice?

This was in Math 73, Multivariable Calculus.

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