Juggling a career as a promising artist while raising a five year table tennis prodigy called Bong-Chun who may or may not be his illegitimate son might sound unbelievable to you, but to DeviouslyInclined, it's just a little thing called LIFE.

Dr. Fred has a prescription to cure all your ailments, but unfortunately is must be taken anally. Pants down, please.

He waits. Knowing that soon he must take action. Perched on a roof, he watches over his kingdom. Sometime soon another perp is going to slip up. But fenix807 will be there. Some might say it's a curse. But to him, it's his duty. He will never let another piece of scum walk into his park without carrying a pooper-scooper. Not after what happened 10 years ago...

Gareth Gobblecoque has two contributions which are just as outrageous and offensive as his name! Watch out grampa, these drawings ain't for you.

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