Tonberry is a Final Fantasy enemy who sounds like a flavor of energy drink, but now he's also a balloon model!

Finally, let's all take a look at an inflatable version of Futurama star Dr Zoidberg and remember the good times we had together this week.

Thanks for reading the Comedy Goldmine, or at least just looking at the pictures. Once again I must extend my appreciation towards TwystNeko for putting together all of these little works of art, and of course our own crazy bunch of forum goons who gave for suggestions to be twisted into all kinds of different shapes. Next Tuesday I'll be back with another Comedy Goldmine, and if you don't come and read it I will personally leave some spooky messages on your phone's voicemail, not unlike the plot of another derivative Japanese horror movie. Or it's American remake. Just make sure to join me next week to avoid this horrible fate!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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