cyclonic posted:

"Police"? Where have I seen that before...OF COURSE! The wall where we acquired the vehicle! Shout "Fuk da police" and see what happens.

A parasite human has emerged from the vehicle marked "POLICE". It is pointing an object at me and demanding that I "freeze".

scooter96 posted:

You must keep moving, he will only slow you down. Give him a compliment, and be on your way.

"Nice ass!"

I resume my trek. I can hear a wailing sound growing louder behind me.

Owl Ninja posted:

The braking mechanism may come in handy here. Bring your head inside the vehicle and apply the brake generously. Perhaps the two vehicles will mate and create a genetically superior vehicle.

Mating successful. Vehicle is unable to move. Perhaps mating has exhausted it.

Mannex17 posted:

Obtain the black item that the chasing human was pointing at you, and store it in your briefcase.

Black object obtained.

efnii posted:

Take his head-armor, the more the better.

Head armor replaced.

Captain Pancakes posted:

The yellow vehicle appears famished after mating, and requires nourishment. Feed in the human from the police car before proceeding with the manipulation of the host vehicle's motor functions.

Vehicle fed.

Awaiting command.

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