Owl Ninja posted:

Recall that humans are jelly-filled pastries. The jelly is essential to sustain human life. Replenish your reserves! Drink the human's jelly before it is wasted.

Consuming jelly.

_Sexy_Pants_ posted:

You have seen the large yellow object move quickly about the area. When the jelly ceases to flow, attempt to tame this beast of burden!

Jelly has ceased to flow. I have entered the vehicle.

Justin Credible posted:

The interface the human parasite was using to move the work animal must be accessible to you. See if there is some where you can input Microsoft. Search for any controls and activate them one by one, in turn.

I believe I have engaged light speed drive.

Justin Credible posted:

Find the velocitator and engage it. Do not be concerned with obstacles. Any vehicle advanced enough for light speed surely has the molecular realignment capacator installed and will pass through solid matter effortlessly.

Throttle engaged.

The human vehicle is moving at a high rate of speed.

cyclonic posted:

The human on top of the vehicle must be causing drag. Stop the vehicle quickly in an attempt to dislodge him.

tastysoup posted:

Do you see any people outside? Scream out the window and ask them where Microsoft is. If they don't tell you hit them with your vehicle.



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