EndOfTheWorld posted:

As an alien twelve times as advanced as a mere human, inform her that you are twelve cops.

The human refuses to "do business" with "cops".

Ubitquitin posted:

The green creture has insulted you, retaliate by trying to operate the black object on her since your club is inferior.

The human seems frightened now.

Tycron posted:

Take the woman's purse. You can start a collection!

Purse taken and stored in briefcase. Human has fled.

efnii posted:

Begin to move ahead towards Microsoft!

That did not take long.

Microsoft has beautiful decorative water dispensers.

Icthius posted:

Demand Microsoft give you access to the "internet". Use club on Microsoft if necessary.

Microsoft is unresponsive.

jfff posted:

Enter Microsoft through one of the large portals. Use your weapon to open the portal if necessary.

Entering portal.

Exited portal. This appears to be just like the exterior of the building.

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