Forums Goon Ryguy005 realized that, sometimes, college can get on your nerves a little bit. So he asked the forums to join him in drawing out the little annoyances that make college what it is — a 4-year-love hate relationship we can't wait to, one day, be looking back upon with a bittersweet fondness.

First things first, of course — you have to actually get into college before you can form any pet peeves. Sometimes, the headaches can start before you ever matriculate.

Finish him off now, KamikazeBen, cause you'll have to deal with many more his type when you finally get into college.

Tee hee, Wiggy Marie should poison that girl's mocha latte just to see if it'll kill her.

Then when you do get in, you're confronted with all the hard work college will take that won't involve perfect notes or a disciplined study schedule.

At least Queezey will have already some solid work experience on his résumé by the time he graduates...assuming he survives college.

Ok, you've made it to college. Congratulations! Here's some of the crap you're undoubtedly going to have to put up with for the next four years.

Here's a quick view of life in the dorms.

stublag was just rejoicing that they'd finally gotten over All Your Base.

t0mmy doesn't spend too much time in the shower.

Talkie Toaster's roommates are so polite!

And naturally, resident will always be the one assigned to the top floors instead of this lazy ass.

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