extraneousXTs posted:

He must mean the small furry creature.

It inquires what "the fuck" I am holding.

FractionMan posted:

The creature name must be a "Fuck", offer it to him. Push it under his nose and say "Fuck, you!"

Reporting abdominal pain.

dangerz posted:

Use "Fuck" to plug hole in stomach.

"Fuck" inserted into hole.

whiskas posted:

Return knife to the other guys abdomen.

"Nice ass!"

Knife returned.

Du5k posted:

Remove his armor and put it on. You may be able to attract other eathlings with the same color armor.

Armor equipped.

Alert! There is a bright yellow vehicle approaching!

And this is where we must leave our hero. Will the Xxathaxians' evil plan to take over the world succeed? Or will Bill Gates' drones be able to resist the charms of an impromptu compliment from a stranger, no matter how fine they think they look in a thong? Tune in in a fortnight to see what Forums Goon Oplem and the rest of the forums have cooked up!

– Tekky "Jumpman16" Andrew-Jaja

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