With the rise of Rent-A-Centers and cheap internet, more and more bigoted truck-drivers and general trailer trash with fake back injuries have come out of the woodwork and found an outlet to share their thoughts on why their lives are so utterly shitty. To no ones surprise, it turns out that they think black people are to blame. Let's take a look at the best of what a lack of a high school education has to offer.

Yea that fresh fruit really pales in comparison to your dinner concoction of store brand Fritos and Hormel chili topped with spoiled shredded cheese.

Hahahaha! Can you believe that these starving children will eat whatever I throw at them? What a bunch of assholes!

The ultimate cracker daydream.

I totally can't believe that we, the uneducated, hardcore racists, are such a small percentage of the population!

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