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AARP Boards

For whatever reason old people are not made fun of enough in this day and age. I guess it's because there is this presumption that old folks are going to die soon. The older someone is the less likely they are to be made fun of. The majority of people targeted by this feature are young. I want to change all this. Old farts have been getting off scot free and it's time for them to get what's coming to them. Just because someone is closer to death than someone else doesn't mean they are any less protected from being belittled if they have done something stupid. We're all going to die someday and when I'm on my death bed I will not be offended if you pinch my oxygen tube for a few seconds and then let it go as you would a regular garden hose. It's all in good fun. Here are the AARP Boards, the old person equivalent of a teen forum.

In my religion people who put stickers on their car go to hell.

Wow, he went from retard to smart within 20 seconds.

You keep telling yourself that honey.

Well that's the trouble with dating these old farts. They're going to die soon and they don't want it to be alone so they try to wrangle up some desperate chick and marry her.

Hahaha I love this story. "So my grandson is in the hospital because I strangled him."

"Anyway my question is..." Haha.

Well you're going to be seeing her real soon.


You feel like you deliberately starved your mother to death? Do you think it's because that is exactly what you did?

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