Today, we continue the work begun by Craig "Russ" Russell, praise be unto him, in the first "What Has Kirby Been Eating" article over a year ago. Forums goon cAtf00d has made several of these threads, and his latest version contained some excellent depictions of what everyone's favorite fat pink sack might look like after eating a pop culture icon and absorbing their form and function. This is a reprise, and it's conceptually simple, and all the talk about eating has made me crave a sandwich, so without further ado I give you the latest edition of goons drawing some of their favorite childhood video game characters.

21st Century says that in stranger aeons death may die.

.haze and captain capacitor teamed up to make a solid snake.

A.B.C.D. will be catching the next train out to Mud Flats.

Allatum cooked this up in the lab.

Alpenglow's therapist attributes his fascination with videogames to a bit of arrested development.

Archetype hunts dogs with fiery frisbees.

benitocereno regrets his foray into this space.

But Rocks Hurt Head is wisely named.

Captain Splending wants you to watch the second one very closely.

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