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Instruction for a Town


RED WORM is loose on top of the earth. He dig it up. He come up.

RED WORM come out of a sea. RED WORM slide from a lake.

THE CENTER is open again. The tone sound.

"And he opened the bottomless pit.

All is an uproar on the world. The sky is in a piece. The ground has a crack.

Burning is come down from high. The red smoke of a friend (SUCH A THING!) is in a bodie.

Do not worry. Peace is a option. Peace is a goal.

Peace is a fruit. It is plant in a rich soil of a violence. It is nurturing on the juice of war. Pluck it down. Use both hand on a bodie. Go ahead.

And there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of the furnace.

This is not a thing for long. A FIEND FROM BELOW bring it up. He is in a house and we wait for him to come out. We do not knock. We let him keep a time. His reward is fire. He throw open a door and come out. Come out again. FFFffffffIEND FROM BELOW RISE UP. MEET THE RED WORM. IT IS HERE FOR FIEND FROM BELOW.

Happy people in a happy town. Your town is good. Your town is in a way.

Do not rest quiet. Listen for the sound of the FIEND FROM BELOW. He does not care it is you on which he work a pain. He does not care it is your juice it is boiling and fall out onto the hot stone. Maybe he leave nothing. Maybe he just put a shadow on the stone and you are not there. FIEND FROM BELOW is a


A first step of a peace is a protecting. A town must not give to a ruin. When a danger is come follow a instruction.

And the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke.

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