If you knew the sickening truth about Pizza Toppin's then you would change your tune. You would ALL change your tune(s)!!

Shmorky you are not supposed to be here. Go back to your own part of the site. No Shmorky. This is not your day to update. Shmorky please listen to me you can't be here. We could both get in a lot of trouble if you get caught hanging around here.

Capeman - C = Apeman. Coincidence???!!!

Wow, Extra_Thumbs, this looks pretty highbrow. If you are like me and don't really understand what is going on here, I would just smirk to myself while nodding and saying to anyone nearby how the artist has "perfectly captured the true essence of madness".

Buttermonster is such a huge fan of the Da Vinci Code that he decided to have the entire book tattooed all over his body. Each toe contains a chapter.

It's the ambiguity of this drawing which appeals to me. Is Herr Roboto suggesting that the Mushroom Kingdom only exists in a demented Mario's head, therefore the entire game series was merely a dream? Or is he pointing towards a more dangerous truth, that cars sometimes make faces at you? You be the judge.

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