GBS 2.1 is responsible for many innovations since being unveiled in Oct. 2013, and one of them is inventing the acronym "itt," which means "in this thread." You see, GBS 2.1 Goons come up with role-playing scenarios and adventurous alter-egos, and then they post in those personas, but only "in this thread." Waroduce used this freshly minted format to make fun of people who join gyms in January in hopes of getting fit in the new year, which is in itself a new phenomenon unique to 2014!

Cosmic Charlie

*walks in wearing baggy jeans and a button up shirt. starts walking around the chest press machine lookin at it crossways*


*does bench and curls, leaves*


I'm the dumpy couple who are in this together


  • im growling and grunting really weirdly while staring at myself in the mirror
  • im a grown man dropping a 10lb weight on his toe and collapsing in a heap
  • im curling in the squat rack
  • im a creepy old man checking out all this hot young ass
  • im the 15 year old who purchased 4lbs of protein while holding my newly printed gym membership
  • im some dude who printed off a routine, stapled roughly 15 pages together and is now leafing through it as a weight sits infront of me
  • im the middle aged heavy set women with a fat ring, a large starbuks coffee and my cosmo on the elliptical
  • im a fat dude sitting in the sauna telling a similarly fat man that sweating in the sauna for 15-20mins burns 500 calories

Nubile Hillock

Help Im Alive

wouldn't this be a pretty good workout though

Incredulous Dylan

hmmm you want to also workout the muscles that would help you stabilize a motion you'd actually do in real life, though

Katana Gomai

what if he rings the bells in some cathedral

The Tao Jones



*Spreads towel on bench*

*Fucks off somewhere for half an hour*

Noblesse Obliged

im a zumba mom


I work out at home so I can be naked like the ancient greeks

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