Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike," while always vital, is at its most relevant during Thanksgiving weekend. You can take the last crescent roll, even from a relative's plate, and as long as you sing "I don't mind stealing bread" in a grave voice while doing so, everyone will say "haha well played man that sure takes me back to the golden days of grunge." Also, if you're asked to "say grace," here's a tip my friend Kevin told me: look really serious and then bellow in your best baritone "Turkey's on the table/and so is the stuffing!" Fortunately, it's not too late to do these cool things and also pass around the Hunger Strike memes that follow, because families get together for Christmas food, too!


Anyone done a november hunger strike listen yet? For some reason when the weathers like this i always imagine eddie in the forest singing im goin hungry a lot hahah


Yeah i cant feed on the powerless when my cups already overfaaaheeeueeld - eddie vedder repeating the line a 2nd time after chris cornell said it earlier in the song


chris cornell: [wakes up in middle of the night] my god..thats it [turns on tape recorder] Chuh-chuh, chuh-chuh, chu DEEaawowwowwoww, chu chuh, chuh chuh, chuh DEAAeaawowwoww

Epic Hamcat

with UHF recently released Weird Al was at his maximum power. Vedder and Cornell knew they had to make an incredibly poignant critique of the upper class so Al would agree with the sentiment and not parody their song.


im looking up how to cite album liner notes in MLA format for my term paper "Feeding on the Powerless When the Cups Already Overfilled: Going Hungry - The globalization story"


"yeah its on the taable the slaves are all chokin" this line makes me cry every time. ic ant imagine how fucked up it is for that stuff to be on the table while the slaves choke


yeah its on the table, the slaves are workin, yeah its on the table, the baby cookin oh yeah

Daikatana Ritsu

blood is on the django the fires cookein, quinten tarantino the slaves are a worken


the best scene in the music video is wehen you realize eddie and chris arent actually lost in separate forests and cornfields. they were actually going there to spread the word about hunger. they got lost on purpose for rock n roll and then they reunite at the end to say more shit about the cup and the slaves


lets all say which guys we are from the vid.. firstly im a total chris cornel (going hungry anyone?), but in another way im the guy dressed as Blossom with a purple hat and jacket doing guitar flourishes and spinning the guitar around while the other guys yell about being hungry

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