Hey guys what's going on. TrustworthyUnboxingGamer here with another video guide for you. Today I'm gonna show you how to watch this video.

*Title sequence: A chiptune dubstep nightmare blares as lightning CGI crackles around the video title, rendered in a futuristic font. Into the frame slides a cartoon of TrustworthyUnboxingGamer (a white dude) wearing a WACKY hat.*

Hey guys first of all there are many reasons to watch a video. Some people watch for entertainment. Some people like to watch videos to learn things, like from instruction videos. Then there are people who watch videos because I don't know. They just do.

So what I'm going to do today is show you how to play this video. Let's look at my desktop.

*Cut to desktop capture, conveniently showing off TrustworthyUnboxingGamer's boring-ass wallpaper.*

Here I'm using Windows 10. You could also be on the older Windows which is I guess like Windows 9, Windows 8, Windows 7, and all the way back to the first Windows, Windows 95.

You could also be on a Mac maybe. There are lots of reasons to use an Apple Mac. I won't go into all of them here - check out TrustworthyUnboxingGamer's Ultimate Video Guide to Why to Use a Mac - but you could use a Mac because it's all you can afford since PCs are very expensive. Or maybe your uncle died in a boat explosion and he left you his Mac.

There's also Linux computers which you might be using. I think they're called Alienwars and you can buy them by clicking my Amazon affiliate link below thanks. A reason to use Linux is it's the easiest to use and it's free.

Either way what you want to do is find the video. Here I'll open up my web browser.

*Web browser opens on a page entitled How to Play a Video, which TrustworthyUnboxingGamer quickly hides behind a blank new tab. The now-hidden page includes the following text: 1. Click the Play button or just click the video. 2. Click the Full Screen button if you want to watch the video in full screen mode.*

Now I'm using Chrome since that's the one that came with Windows 10. There are other browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari but they all function and perform the same because it's 2019 and we've had the internet figured out for like 20 years.

So how do you find this video? Well, I have it bookmarked. So what you'll do is open your bookmarks and you'll find it right there. If that doesn't work for some reason you can open your web browser's search bar and do a search for "THIS VIDEO" in quotation marks like ""THIS VIDEO"".

*The browser is now on the page containing this video. Its preview image is a picture of TrustworthyUnboxingGamer with his eyes wide and mouth open in an approximation of a human emotion, REACTING to the video's title.*

Once you find this video it's time to play it. What you do is take your mouse and aim it at the video. My mouse is a Logitech but almost any mouse will probably work. You can use a Microsoft one or one that's uhhh... corded? Mine doesn't have a cord. You should probably check your manual to see if a corded mouse is compatible.

So now it's the moment of truth. Please come back next week for part two, the final part in this series about playing this video.

*Overproduced outro title sequence.*

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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