My new computer is 1 centimeter tall. I hate it and I have had nothing but problems from my bad tiny computer. It's too small to plug a mouse into. I'm so mad about this that I nearly wasn't able to collate this article based around a BYOB thread where people discussed their own problems with their tiny computers! Hey, I just realized... that's very similar to my own problem! How about that

misty mountaintop

My computer is really tiny and hard to use!


*fly buzzing around monitor before knocking over desktop tower*


i can't press ctrl-alt-del without also pressing m-space-,-.-/-shift-left arrow-ins-backspace-home


My friends invited me to a LAN party but I lost the tweezers to unplug everything

misty mountaintop

I dropped my computer onto an atom and created an isotope. The computer was harmed in the process.

They Might Be

I defragged my tiny computer and it rearranged the atoms into a beautiful crystal.


Tiny computer's virus protection is a combination of Avast! antivirus and a quarantine box made from a Harry Potter Lego set


my data really is in the cloud now that it got caught in a water droplet and evaporated

social vegan

could I interest you in some
Netflix and squint


Liquid cooling is possible but bendy straws have to be replaced every other day


my fingers are too fat for tiny computer's keyboard so i have to hire an ant to type for me. i let him eat all the chip crumbs off my shirt as payment.

Barking Gecko

I have to use micropayments for all my online transactions.


Yeah I got one last week but I didn't know how to plug it in so I just kind of tossed it into the wall outlet and I'm afraid to try and fish it out to see if it turned on or not


Trying to find a fan that keeps my pc cool without taking flight

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