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Since the previous Strangest Fan Art installment ran back in April, there have been many astounding technological advancements and, more exciting still, corporate announcements about those breakthroughs! Microsoft senior vice president of marketing and strategy Yusef Mehdi recently told Game Informer this: "Already we know that the smart devices are always in the living room, but they're not connected with TV. So we need to architect for that world." Obviously big changes are afoot; soon, the use of "architect" as a verb will be commonplace and accepted! Less dauntingly, the impending advent of editable game-play DVR footage and affordable virtual-reality headwear will open new frontiers for fan-art creators, who might become so immersed in completely inhabiting Sonic that they stop scribbling his crude likeness in computer-paint programs. So let's appreciate this soon-to-be-obsolete art form while it lasts!

Note: If morbid curiosity compels you to track down the artists, deviants, and deviantARTists responsible for these drawings/paintings, try clicking and dragging them into Google Images!

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