Interview with a Lowtax

Lowtax: Interview me
me:Question Number B) What's it like making a piece of work and having people shit up your thread about it?
me:Question A) You work at a website that's notorious for showing naughty things, how will you prepare your daughter for the horrors of the interweb?
Lowtax: It's been happening to me for over half a decade and I still love it!
Lowtax: A) blind her
me:Question X: Do you consider yourself a writer or a webmaster?
Lowtax: a lazy shit
me:Question V: Are you proud of what Somethingawful has become?
me:this my alod?
Lowtax: On 25 August 2004, Big Bird looked for a shape with four sides, all the same length. He found a square, not the far more likely rhombus.
Lowtax: no I gave it to Livestock but I sent it to you to be jealous
me:for me to be jealous or for him to be jealous?
Lowtax: xXx: State of the Union
me:Question number F: If my funnyometer readings get below the average you require, will I get fired? :-(
Lowtax: yes!
me:Oh god
me:I'm hyperventilating
me:I hope sunday doesn't suck or I'm gonna get a pink slip
Lowtax: I'm a cruel and vengeful boss
me:You're honest, and I like that in a boss.
me:Question number P) Are you tired of your current avatar?
Lowtax: no!
me:Question Next one) What do you hope people will get when they come to somethingawful?
me:and last question: What do you expect of us writers?
Lowtax: 1) angry 2) to amuse me in exchange for money
me:Can you make us a premade list of things you find funny then so I don't get fired? :-(
me:I've have been very scared lately
Lowtax:: good, fear is like comedy upsidedown
me:okay :-(

This is Ian's, it is cool but not fancy enough to get first place. Thanks to all the people who submitted turtles from my last update. I liked a lot of them, but I didn't want to start a policy of always using everyone's stuff. This week's contest is a "guess the differences" contest. These two pictures are of Rembrandt's "The Night Watch". Whoever guesses the most gets their first name put in my next frontpage update. Hint: There are more than 10 differences.

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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