You have probably never heard of Ray O'Bannon, and that's on you. This prolific painter of vampires, ghosts, and spooky still lifes is a ghoulish renaissance man. He also directs and stars in short films, composes music, and writes fiction. His obsession is horror and, thanks to special guest Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, our obsession is Ray O'Bannon.

Lowtax: You know, Zack, if there's one thing I like more than art, it's a lot of art.

Lowtax: Bales of art.

Zack: I like my art spooky and I need a lot of it. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet of ghosts.

Lowtax: Ghost buffets are cool and all, but skulls and skeletons are where it's at for me. Take me to the nearest corpse Sizzler and sit me down with some sweet tea.

Zack: I'll have a large macabre with extra specters.

Zack: Hold the believable perspective.

Lowtax: But where on the internet could we possibly find such a resource for genre-specific art that meets our high quality demands?

Lowtax: You'd be nuts if you told me such a site exists.


Lowtax: NO. WAY.

Zack: features a macabre gallery of the prolific fantasy art of Ray O'Bannon.

Lowtax: Next thing you'll tell me it's a-ok for me to marry a homosexual.

Lowtax: A homosexual skeleton.

Lowtax: Holding a candle.

Lowtax: And a key.

Zack: The homosexual skeletons can come out of the closet and menace whomever they choose now.

Lowtax: Well I'm ready to be personally menaced by the creative juices that flow forth from Ray O'Bannon.

Lowtax: And if that makes me gay, well then let me marry a skeleton.

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