The ridiculous acknowledgments section of my new book includes shout-outs to dozens of SA fans who took a leap of faith and pre-ordered my book knowing fairly little about the contents. I hope those folks are satisfied with their purchase, but their thanks have been permanently filed in the Library of Congress. They don't need to be greedy little thanks pigs.

I wanted to share the gratitude and thank every one of you reading this that purchased a copy of Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon, or a copy of My Tank is Fight! Thanks! I may never be a bestselling author or the next Stephen King, but your support and help making these books a success will keep me writing for many years to come. That sounds a little bit like a threat, doesn't it? Oh, well, I hope I can repay you by writing even better books.

I would also like to take a moment of your time to thank all of the folks who helped get the word out about the new book or have written reviews of the book.

Bitmob's "Mobcast" held a contest giving away ten free copies of my book, so thank you to Dan "Shoe" over there for taking a little time to talk about Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon. The Reviews are starting to come in from various websites. You probably have not heard of most of these, but that's your fault! All of these folks rule.

Red Coin writes:

The book is approachable by book enthusiasts, humor website fanatics and self-insertion fanfic aficionados alike.

Do you hear that book enthusiasts? This book is perfect for your enthusiasm!

Adam from writes in his review:

Mr. Parson's book is not filled with the kind of wacky, zany, random humor that one might expect from an Internet humor writer...

What an unfair poop to monkey cheese my dinger winger!!!!

Net Insanity's msarko goes nuts with his review:

If the purpose of Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon is simply to entertain, it does that as much as any work of literature can. But beyond the humor and unique turns of phrase, it really is a deeply interesting intellectual exercise.

Yeah, okay, what book is this guy reading? Did he not notice that I spelled the title of the movie Tremors incorrectly on page 208? I bet James Joyce never did that.

If you have written a review of Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon then please drop me a line at You can also email me if you just have a question about the book. Or if you have white slaves you are trying to sell. I am also interested in those. It might take me a little while, but I try to reply to every email I receive.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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