~*~ FYAD ~*~
Reppin': rubber cat

ahahahahah......... Ahauajauaajahah!!!! - docevil got married to a cardboard cutout of beverly crusher lmao

I HAVE INVENTED A NEW PALINDROME! - toasterhead: "deah?" rest oat

russian jokes translated into english thread - DanielManiac translated some jokes into russian and than translated them back into english i guess??? now they don't make sense. a fascinating exploration of how linguistics shapes how we look at the world

trip report: drinking organic 2% milk - MILKCHAT thread about milk KEYWORDS: milk 2% 1% whole milk skim milk organic milk skim milk butter milk strawberry milk banana milk nesquick chocolate milk milk what comes in bags got milk? white gold cat milk pasteurized milk raw milk melk dairy homogenization milk cellar water milk beer

my stepmom had a present for her dead sister under the tree - this is the best fyad christmas thread and it's about about dead people

Trivia for Full House (1990) (VG) - do you remember old video games and t.v. shows from the early 1990s?? well then check out my blog @ www.x-entertainment.com. i am human filth

macdonalds is ghey - WEREWAIFs got some "hot" ideas that will "heat up" the food industry says food magazine but Big Burger doesn't like it not one bit. a meeting of the biggest burger joints is convened but one seat remains empty. jack in the box has been hit by a bus. the burger men eye each other nervously. who will be next

couple more days til the academy proves it does not care about good taste by electing benjamin button best movie - look at these little dumbshit babys who care about which movies made for dumbshit babys will get a little gold man ahahahaha

~*~ Games ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

That's it, fuck this game! - Anyone who claims they didn't get stuck at that red and white cylinder in Casino Night Zone is lying.

Gaming Tattoo Thread - "It's not just because you are attractive but yours is the first decent gaming tattoo I've probably ever seen. If you finish touching up the triforce it would look really good. One exception to the rule so far."

Games that exceeded all expectations - The first reply of "Resident Evil 4" is probably the most correct one. Even if you had unbelievably high expectations going in, there is no way you could have known it would end up winning Most Ownage Game of the GCN/PS2/Xbox generation.

Let's Close Shut the Jaws of Oblivion in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! - If you've ever wanted to hear Kermit the frog do commentary for a really long and boring game, then this thread is right up your alley.

[SpOoKy TaIeS ThReD] Scary Bideo Game STORYS and Related Blogs! - Little Tommy was playing Halo 3 alone in the dark, his only source of light being the TV. Suddenly Master Chief was hit by a bullet and the shields began beeping.

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