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Zack: I can't tell you how many times I have truly craved to see the characters of "Hey, Arnold!" fucking.

Dr. Thorpe: Man, where did these kids learn language like that? Maybe from looking at cartoon porn of themselves.

Zack: Language? I had no idea prepubescent children could lactate, as this image clearly implies.

Dr. Thorpe: It must have something to do with bovine growth hormones or something. That kid is stacked.

Zack: She probably mainlines HGH every morning and then spends an hour after school with a breast pump to get herself into peak condition to appear in cartoon porn.

Dr. Thorpe: Side effects include monobrow and insatiable sexual appetite.

Zack: That's two Frida Kahlo references for you already.

Dr. Thorpe: I think "Heh, easy on my ass, Arnold" is kind of a good turn of phrase. More than I'd expect from cartoon Hey Arnold porn. I mean, I can imagine using that one if one of my friends is embarrassingly complimenting me, or something. "Hey, easy on my ass, Jimmy."

Zack: Sure, the dialogue is classy, but this is possibly the most blatant objectification of a woman I have ever seen. Arnold gets thirsty so he tears her clothes off and drinks her breast milk while painfully sodomizing her. She's like a soda fountain with an anus and a foul mouth.

Dr. Thorpe: That gives me a great idea for an invention! Get this: it's a soda fountain with an anus and a foul mouth. This is a million-dollar idea.

Zack: As long as it has a monobrow and free refills you can sign me up.

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