Character(s): Lucy
Appearing In: Quake III: Arena (PC)
Thanks: craptacular!

Zack:This woman doesn't look like she should be fighting in some sort of futuristic battleground. She looks like she should be in a trailer neglecting some children so she can fuck a teenage waiter from Big Boy while her trucker husband is out on a long haul.

Dr. Thorpe:Yikes, I'll never be able to look at my junior high history teacher the same way again.

Zack:She weighs 170lbs, counting only her breasts.

Dr. Thorpe:She's not the good kind of buxom that video games have led me to expect, though. Although who am I to say what the good kind of buxom is? She is what you call a "BBW." Or at least a "BW."

Zack:I like that they managed to give her cellulite covered ass perfect symmetry. At least that aspect is aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Thorpe:That's hard to do in real life. Believe me, I've tried.

Zack:I wonder if there is fan fiction written for Lucy? She wasn't really in any sort of story in the game, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone on the Internet was just entranced by her unique looks and couldn't help but ponder how she might pleasure Harry Potter.

Dr. Thorpe:Well, the question immediately suggests itself.

Zack:Harry's tongue worked beneath the naugahyde cup of her bodice like a snake gaining entrance beneath a sewer lid pressed into hot cookie dough. Lucy jiggled with ecstasy and let out a beery gasp.

Dr. Thorpe:Harry let out an ambiguous groan of strong but undefined emotion.

Zack:While Harry wantonly palmed her pie-sized areola Snape positioned himself behind the young wizard. I'm just saying, I've read hundreds of Harry Potter fanfics and I'm pretty sure Snape fucks Harry Potter in every one of them.

Dr. Thorpe:Totally. But keep in mind that somebody is jerking off to this right now.

Zack:People are probably jerking off to the letter "h" back on page four right now. In a world where everything arouses some group on the Internet it's hard to worry about people masturbating to what you do.

Dr. Thorpe:Yeah, you might as well learn to enjoy it. You can even toy with them. Check this out: Ren and Stimpy Doug XXX Rugrats shitting. Somebody just looked for that on Google and found this site and is incredibly disappointed.

Zack:Or are they?

Dr. Thorpe:I'll throw them a bone. Ren traced his bony finger around Doug's nipple and looked at him incredulously. "Does thees not turn you on, Doug!?" Doug sighed, still exhausted from his two-hour session with Tommy. "There's something I need you to do for me, Ren. Turn around."

Zack:There, see, every Fashion SWAT article aims to please every potential audience like no other column on the Internet!

Dr. Thorpe:We're pathetic in our need to be loved!

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