The Fashionable

From: Sp'ange

Here's my kickin' t-shirt design.. It would require some modifications to the shirt itself.. ; )

Ahhh, finally, a shirt fit to change my car's oil in. I'll wear it to only the finest of Wrestlemania events.

From: Bendan Hall

I was sort of srapped for ideas, so i decided to go with a Jeff.K theme. it's basically a rip-off of those 'save ferris' t-shirts you see around. it's also a shame that Jeff.K is such an ugly bastard, because theres no way it's wear this out in public with that ugly tosser on the back

But what exactly are we saving Jeff K. from? And why do we want to save him in the first place?

From: Adrian Clark

Hahahahahahahrha! My T-shirt sucks and i'm still sending it in, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

That shirt looks perfect to "DANSCE WITH TEH PIGS!" in. I don't know how Leonard Crabs figures into it, but that picture of him by the toilet will forever live in the esophagus of my mind.

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