With a wide range of customizable T-shirts available online these days, it's pretty easy to bypass licensed band merch and find a design that really says "i paid way too much for an out-of-context song lyric in a ridiculous font!" But let's say that you were really touched by a non-chorus lyric by a relatively non-mainstream artist, and you want to display that. Also, you're proud to display a few lines of Copyright info on the front of your shirt, because even though they're pretty distracting on a text-only design, they prove you're not a creative-property freeloader. LyricStore has you covered!

LyricStore offers four pages of comically uncreative pre-made shirts, but there's a surprisingly vast artist catalog in the Design Your Own section. Choose any Slayer or Megadeth song, except the ones people actually like! Highlight ill-advised excerpts from Busta Rhymes songs and broadcast them across your chest in giant text! And definitely keep believing that the 3 cents the musicians will get in royalties compensates them for the embarrassment of being associated with some dork walking around with their words stupidly plastered on his shirt!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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