Well, I guess my luck has finally run out; I'm finally going to be murdered by, and due to, the internet.  I'd like to thank everybody who visited Something Awful and helped make it what it is today: a website that caused me to become a much more murdered person than I previously was.

This email, one of 189 received, was from a disgruntled individual who simply cannot determine the exact reason we banned him from the forums (I'll give you a hint: HE'S FUCKING NUTSO). After re-registering and getting re-banned what seems like several million times, he decided to begin contacting all the mods and admins (myself included), and notify us of his impending plans to murder and / or sue us all.  Again, this is completely rational and justified behavior on a comedy website.

Since I will soon become a murdered person, I decided to read and record one of my murderer's many eloquent and amazing messages.  I figured doing this would become a much more difficult task to accomplish after I'm dead, which is why I now present to you this Death Threat From the Internet.  And once again, thanks.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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