Chapter Two - Ejaculate With Chemistry Mishaps

Miss Tokyomama was everything a high school senior could ever want. REMEMBER HE WAS 18. FOR SERIOUS.The halls were crowded at Ogataka high school but Dari managed to make his way to his first class of the day - chemistry class - just in time! He sat down in his seat and was surprised to see that the teacher was not there yet. There were some very pretty girls in the class he noticed, several with very large breasts and eyes, so he took the opportunity to coat the underside of his work desk with a liberal quantity of ejaculation from his pork pillar. He was just pounding out the last few spurts of extreme butter from his sperm stack when the teacher entered the classroom. He looked at her twice and thought about her four times.

She was everything his mother was and more. Her breasts were the size of high-altitude weather balloons used in groundbreaking scientific experiments. Her heart-shaped face was easily as big as a prize-winning pumpkin and at least 50% of its anterior surface area was occupied by the two glistening, Frisbee like discs of her eyes. She had magenta hair that framed her face like dyed hazard lights marking off the site of a sexy interstate traffic fatality. Her lips and nose were each no more than two centimeters wide, which according to the insane Japanese anatomy text was the optimal size for human females. The bird men might disagree, but they would not have their opportunity to rewrite the textbooks of Japan for another 30 years.

"Good morning class," said the teacher in a voice that was so high-pitched it was only one octave inside of the range of human hearing.

"Good morning Miss Tokyomama," replied the class in droned unison.

Dari sat transfixed, his mouth agape, his throbbing man-roll frozen somewhere between ejaculating copious amount and comically spraying blood. There was an audible liquid sloshing sound as Miss Tokyomama's twin ocular spheres rotated slowly to gaze upon. With a long-lashed blink that seemed to draw across her eyes like the line of the setting sun races across the earth she smiled with her tiny pink bow mouth and address Dari.

"Mr. Armostrongo, it says on my schedule that today is your first day in class," her voice was like a cross between a dolphin and a canary; a hideous shrill chirping that could potentially be used as a form of navigation. "Welcome to Ogataka high school. It is the tradition in my chemistry class that for the first day any new students be partnered with me in lab. Does that sound good?"

Dari's only response was to ejaculate until his desk had nearly overturned from the constant pressure of his erupting jizz pipe. With a creaking not unlike the sound a circus tent makes when exposed to freezing air Miss Tokyomama's nipples visibly hardened beneath her shirt. She giggled and blushed and motioned for Dari to join her at the head of the class at her own lab table.

Dari the man becomes Dariana the dickgirl!The experiment involved combining three chemicals into a compound that would theoretically be capable of dissolving both human and bird man underwear on contact. It was a very volatile experiment, but one that promised to be extremely entertaining for the entire class. Just as Miss Tokyomama was pouring the third chemical into the mixture Dari's painful erection bumped into her backside as he was turning and she spilled the chemical all over his face somehow. He gasped and staggered backwards as smoke began to issue from his pores. The whole class turned to stare at him and, as the smoke cleared, a gasp came from the student. Dari had been transformed into Dariana, a busty and curvaceous girl. His slacks had shortened and tightened into a skirt from the chemicals also, and his eyes had nearly quadrupled in size.

"Oh my god!" yelled Tanaka, "the new guy has been transformed into a gorgeous girl."

Just as Tanaka said that, Dariana got a massive erection that was obvious to anyone in the class. "No," explained Miss Tokyomama, "he has evolved to the next step in humanity, he has become a dickgirl."

The gorgeous Miss Tokyomama explained that a dickgirl was a magical creature in Japan better than man or woman. She combined all of the female qualities of a freakishly proportioned girl with the masculine rape potential of a man with a penis the size of a small European automobile. Dariana professed that while the new feelings of being a dickgirl were erotic and interesting, she wanted to go back to being just a boy. Disappointed, Miss Tokyomama wrote out a hall pass for her to visit the school nurse.

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