Nizar responds to the controversy over transcats:

Nizar Al Fahri

I agree heartily with you, my friend. A break from the Internet is what I have been on since I fled my home in August. I no longer allow my emotions to be ruled by petty popularity contests and my productivity has skyrocketed. You would not believe how much corn and rice I beg now. How much water I collect and strain from the rain pools. Truly, a blessing. Thank you for speaking truth about transcats.

Nizar responds to a Tumblr by a plural system who is Jack Frost, the spirit of winter:

Nizar Al Fahri

Someday I hope to be recognized. It would be a terrible things if the identity of my remains were left unconfirmed by relatives or dental records. Such is the fate of many of my friends and neighbors, buried beneath tons of rubble, much as this desire to be recognized as Jack Frost weighs upon you. Please, do as the Assad regime, and bulldoze this structure. Forget the dead who lie entombed within. Move on with the living or there will never be peace for you, my friend, Jack Frost.

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