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tags: light bulbs, dollar signs

original script:

LOWTAX: dude throws up, slips, falls into it, breaking his arm. businessman to the left turns around, gets idea
LOWTAX: gets light bulb, which explodes into puffy cloud with guy puking, slipping, falling into it breaking his arm, sign reads "SLIP IN YOUR OWN VOMIT $2.50"
LOWTAX: Businessman in idea bubble thinks same thing happens, except now sign says "SLIP IN YOUR OWN VOMIT $2.50, BREAK ARM $2.50, BOTH FOR $4.99"
LOWTAX: businessman in idea bubble gets light bulb with his own face own it, then with dollar signs in his own light bulb eyes
LOWTAX: light bulb gets light bulb idea with thought bubble of dollar bill, but with light bulbs instead of presidents, denomination reads "one bulb"
LOWTAX: dollar bill then gets thought bubble of a real dollar bill with the businessman's face, denomination: $2.50
LOWTAX: the 0s in $2.50 then turn into light bulbs that begin vomiting, causing previous businessman to slip and fall in the bill's vomit
LOWTAX: he is mad that he slipped into the vomit and now has to pay $4.99, says "this business is taking me to the cleaners!"
LOWTAX: suddenly he gets an idea, soap bars appear in eyes, when they go back in, his thumbs up turns into a gnarled hand, he tries to rub soap out of eyes, shouts "THIS JUST MAKES IT WORSE"
LOWTAX: pull out to reveal he's in original room with man in his own vomit and blood with broken arm, smug look on face. "well well well, looks like the 1% finally got their comeuppance, eh guvnuh?!?"
LOWTAX: final zoom out: mario sleeping ala SMB2 DOKI DOKI PANIC

– Freshy Freshy Fress (@sashmorky)

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