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Reppin': Miso Beno

Bill to legalize suppressors/silencers in Washington state - Live in Washington? Like Suppressors? You'd better be writing your senators and telling them to support HR 1604.

Concealed Carry holders' info made readily avaible by Memphis newspaper... - The free press invades the peoples privacy by publishing records of concealed carry permit holders.

People are Breaking Into My Mothers House - So the logical option is go get a giant dog and a gun instead of having the police handle it.

The Makarov 9x18 PM Appreciation Thread - Come and share your love for the 100% communist 9x18mm bullet and the guns that shoot it.

gunborker.com: No wonder eBay gave us the boot - SUPRISE COCK FAG! AR-15 M4 30 Round Pmag Magpul Custom Engraved Gunbroker thread. You Nazi.

Good news, everyone!

Seaman Billy was a nasty punk
Fat and slow and a stupid drunk
Seaman Billy 'bout lost his life
When he hit on the Gunny's teenage wife.

She kicked his shins and stomped his toes,
Blacked his eyes and busted his nose.
Seaman Billy was a nasty pig
Now he drops the soap in a Navy brig.

Firearam Retailer Feedback Megathread - Tell us how you got screwed! - Come and post about how you bought ammunition from RGuns.net and it blew your gun up after failing to fire 10 times.

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Reppin': Olewithmilk

Jailbrekr is no longer GBS mod - Jaibreakr bad mod. Not mod no more! :]

hellbastard: 2006-2009, portfolio - Just imagine how ugly you have to be to draw yourself as a large free-floating skull in your own terrible comics.

Captain dan pirate rap: shit just got real - As a white person who is into rap but just doesn't like the idea of successful black people I find this inoffensive white boy pirate rap the most soothing.

Heather Papps is an insane sci fi mystic - Is basing your life philosophy around the imaginary religion in the popular sci-fi epic Dune any more ridiculous than believing in the Christian God? I don't know. Just a little something to think about.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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