Let's take a look at some of the more popular threads from nearly every forum on the Something Awful Forums, ending in 02-16-2007:

General Bullshit; a general discussion forum with everything from current events to painfully boring e/n threads. Forum representative: SpecialOlympian.

For Better or For Worse II - tonelok continues the hilarious FBOFW thread with quality photoshoppery. FBOFW authoer Lynn gives SA the !@#^& BOXCAR! by making her online comics blink. Feh! May the sun get in her eyes.

How bad is YOUR homeowner's association? Lets see their newsletter! - mrbill shares his experiences with the lonely, nosey, and insane residents of suburbia. People hoping to read a variety of local newsletters will be dissapointed. People looking for stories of fascist and authoritarian HoA's are in for the ride of their lives. Filled with useful information for future homeowners and condo dwellers. When that time comes, don't settle for anything less than Larry Mercerâ„¢.

Imagine Historic Figures on IM - Horsey shares a look at Hitler's MySpace comments page. History gets filtered through text messages, instant messengers, and MMORPG chatlogs. WBooth has entered the chatroom. ALincoln has been disconnected.

Behavior Modification Camp Tranquility Bay Documentary up on Google Video - Babylonian shares a documentary on an abusive bootcamp for children and painful testimony from a survivor of Tranquility Bay. A disturbing look at how parents avoid raising their children.

MSPaint Your Shittiest/Most Awkward First Dates - Unasoda challenges the Goons to MSPaint the moment that would eventually lead each of them to a self-diagnosis of Asperger's.

Awkward adventures at the pornstore - Muffinpanda shares his experiences working at a pornstore that caters to elderly gay men and the insane. An intriguing look at gay culture as soon through the eyes of a glory hole.

MSPaint: Illustrate Mario gone mad! - LegoRobot kicks things off with a disturbing Mario comic. Have you ever wanted to see what Robert Krumb and the rest of his LSD soaked underground comic writers would have done with Mario? I think you do.

Post pictures that make you assume the worst - Psylocibe challenges GBS to post pictures that would look fine to normal people but make Goons think horrible and evil thoughts. Your interpretation of these pictures and reality is your own problem.

Goon culture? An anthropological look at the Something Awful community - billy cuts starts things off by posting an essay on the SA community and its effect on MMORPGs as written by a non-goon. Beam with pride at the tales of hilarious jackassery that prove nothing on the internet is safe from SomethingAwful.

Ask / Tell. People will ask things. You can reply. People will tell you about things. You may read them. Pretty all-encompassing. THESE SOCKS? is here to serve you today's quick list.

Ask me about having an abortion! Thread by czarina. Woman mercilessly murders unborn child and fails to repent.

TELL me why guys think they can surprise women with anal sex. Thread by Temple_Priestess. Surprising women with anal sex is one thing, but surprising women with anal sex WITHOUT EVEN USING LUBE?

Ask me about the dirty little secrets of the trucking industry. Thread by Truckin A Man. Man goes eight to nine days without a shower and makes up an elaborate excuse about driving a semi.

Ask me about working in EBGames. Thread by perpetua*. Would you like to purchase our Thread Protection Plan for this thread? If this thread gets moved to The Gas Chamber anytime in the next three months, just bring it back and we'll replace it for free.

Why do nerds hate copyright? Thread by bradbane. At the time of this writing, an internet discussion about copyright has made it six pages without turning into a carnival of idiocy. Witness this miracle while you still can!

Ask me about being an asshole. Thread by qlat. A self-proclaimed real-life House, M.D. (without the M.D.) explains why it is that the only thing that he expels just happens to be shit.

Post Your Favorite. Another general interest forum, this one where users may post, well threads about anything that is their favorite. Cars, desktops, women... whatever. Thank Zero Star!

Goon Picture (GOONS ARE GROSS!) - A photo thread that demonstrates just how scary-looking SA forum users can be.

Cat Pictures - A cute kitty photo thread, albeit one with some funny photoshops thrown in for good measure.

PYF's First "Would You Rather?" Thread - The classic game of Truth or Dare, SA-style. Features such epic decisions as "Would you rather eat a jar of pickles while having stomach ulcers OR have intercourse with a woman while your penis is raw?"

Sex Act / Fetish / Sexual Nuance - A thread where goons confess their deepest, darkest, most exotic sexual preferences.

Here are some what the christ images - A thread for those pictures that are just too "out-there" for your average message board. There are easily a few internet catchphrases-in-waiting in here.

Wikipedia vandalism - One of the funniest PYF threads around, not only because some of the Wikipedia edits are insanely funny, but also because of the amount of idiots getting banned for bragging about Wikipedia vandalism.

your favorite probation/ban/permaban, EIGHTH THREAD - The longest-running 'series' thread in PYF, these threads have been going pretty much since PYF first opened. Not so much a 'favourite' thread as a running commentary on the state of the Leper's Colony.

your favourite Adbot reply - Created to allow people to discuss the wisecracking automated advertising feature without fear of getting probated for it.

Wallpapers, Skins, and Shells: Post Your Desktop II - Let's face it, the default skins for desktops/media players/internet browsers are pretty boring. When looking at them, you just know that millions of other people around the world have it exactly the same as you. Naturally, the ability to customise your application skins is widely used, and this thread commemorates some of the very best ones out there.

offensive custom title (and if you have one, how'd you get it?) - While some derogatory custom titles betray their origins instantly (case in point: Alias777), some have much deeper meanings and histories. This thread attempts to explore those meanings.

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