~*~ Serious Hardware / Software Crap ~*~

Reppin': BiohazrD

Tales of "Oops! Oh Shit!", your worst moments in IT - If you read this thread expecting 5 pages of "rm -rf /", you won't be disappointed.

Post pictures of strange hardware that someone might not know existed! - It's really just all Apple hardware.

Shit that you come across daily that pisses you off - A comprehensive list of all the things that do not effect your IT guy at all, but piss him off for no reason. Bingo cards not included. 2-8 players.

~*~ Sports Argument Stadium ~*~
Reppin': Georgia Leech

2008 ESPN ESPY Awards: The folly of man - What the hell is Justin Timberlake doing hosting a sports awards show? Oh right, ESPN, never mind.

July News & Views: And at midnight, Gilberts salary and knee grew 3x larger - So like, Baron was totally gonna leave Golden State to head to the Clippers but then like, Elton totally screwed THEM over by going to Philadelphia and so Golden State tried to get back at Elton by hooking up with Ronny, but everyone knows he's just a rebound guy.

I miss Michael Vick - So do the Carolina Panthers.

Predict your team's record, game by game NCAA style - I don't care how overly optimistic you think I'm being, I really do think Utah State can win 10 games this year.

Formula 1 2008 - Jesus Christ shut up about it already - Lewis Hamilton is like Tiger Woods, except nobody really cares this time around.

Chess Megathread: Mating in all kinds of positions - But wait a second, I thought that jocks hated chess nerds? Not on the internet, they don't!

~*~ Watch and Weight / The Goon Doctor ~*~
Reppin': adam jay harris

What Did You Lift/Do Today? - the Watch and Weight version of the E/N forum's "How are you doing today?" Megathread, goons determine the quality of their day by the quantity of their weights.

Mouth Breathing - a common malady amongst goons, also see the thread on how to trim your neckbeard and organize your anime collection whilst shitting your pants.

Admit your cheat meals
"Taco Bell AND McDonalds, about 2 months ago (never forget):
2 Double Cheeseburgers
1 Big Mac
3 Hard Tacos
3 Soft Tacos
1 Nachos Bell Grande
1 Spicy Chicken Burrito"

Alcohol and Training - the beer belly is exposed as a fraud and discussion continues on how to correctly pregame before the gym.

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