~*~ Watch and Weight ~*~

Reppin': adam jay harris

I *have* to shit 2-3 times every morning - "ABOUT THE POOP: It's usually soft,"

Approaching the Opposite Sex in a Gym
- "As a guy who gets lots of other guys approaching me at the gym,"

post the w&w'est pics u got [EVERY POST MUST HAVE A PIC !!!]

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~

Reppin': Miso Beno

The OFFICIAL Awful Shooting Squad thread - Never before has there been a competition shooting team as classy as the Awful Shooting Squad.

An Overview of Yugoslavian Military AK Type Rifles - Resident eastern european firearms expert Mishaco breaks down Yugoslavian AKs so you know what sort of non-chrome lined turd you're getting.

I appear to be righthanded, left-eye dominant - Look at this wrong eye'd sucker.

Enlighten people who don't know shit about guns - LETS LEARN US UP SOME FRESH BLOOD TO REPLACE JIM WHO DONE SHOT HIS EYEBALLS OUT.

Kel-Tec coming out with a 30rd .22Mag pistol: PMR-30 - The Grendel pistol rises again! An assault rifle you can hold in your HAAAAAAAAAANDS.

[NWS] Deer hunting in Southwest Indiana [NWS] - I didn't know photos of dead animals was not work safe. Oh well. Here be dead animals.

Non-camo stencil artwork for rifle stocks? - Quick! I need to cover my $1,800 rifle in shitty spray paint so nobody thinks I'm a mall ninja!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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