"When we began this journey we had no idea of the enormity of the task that lay ahead. It has been a grueling, but edifying, experience and we would personally like to thank ... the entire pin community for entrusting us with this huge responsibility."

Well, I'll say this for PinPics: They're not exaggerating. I'm sure it really was a grueling, enormous task, cataloging tens of thousands of collectible pins for children and rating them each on a 100-point, decimal-precision "coolness scale"! This might sound easy -- how hard could it be typing "0.0" again and again -- but that is because you haven't spent years training your eyes to distinguish the subtle differences that make "Rainforest Cafe Downtown Disney Cha Cha the Frog on Surfboard" nearly twice as cool as "ESPN Zone New York - Statue of Liberty Playing Tennis."

Tragically, the gallery displaying only the coolest-rated pins has been disabled due to spammers knocking the statistics askew, but that just encourages visitors to sift through the inexplicably vast network of sub-categories to find the perfect "Disney > Unauthorized > Lanyard Medallion > Japan."

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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