El Cheeseman posted:

First of all, I'm not Scottish, and I live in Australia. But I want to wear a kilt. I've always liked the idea of owning and wearing a kilt.

I looked into it and I've discovered it isn't a massive faux pas to wear a tartan that isn't yours, or to wear one if you aren't Scottish.

I'm thinking of wearing kilts in day to day life, not just in formal situations and I'm curious if anyone, Scottish or not has encountered any trouble or hassle in doing so. I'm also curious where to buy kilts from and what to look for. I have found a good store on eBay and its cheaper to get them ship from overseas than buy them here. If people can tell me what they think of the kilts at: http://stores.ebay.com/Edges-Of-Time

I'm also thinking of getting a simple leather day sporran to hold my keys, wallet, phone, etc and any info I need to know about those would be good.

Just to clarify, I'm not doing this as a social statement, its not to pull chicks and its not to rage against the machine. I'm doing it cause I like the style.

Pseudorandom posted:

Alright, consensus seems to be "cervix" at this point, it seems. That just seems strange to me, because what I'm feeling isnt a standalone object like I would expect the cervix to be. I'd expect the cervix to be more like a "dead-end" wall, and not the very flexible tissue I'm encountering. It seems very thin and stretchable.

A good way to imagine what I'm "seeing" with my fingers is....imagine a tiny sock for a baby. Then just imagine sticking your fingers in there and moving them around. Theres no real "obstruction", just...thats as far as you can go.

Ah well, we'll make up an appointment for her in any case, just to make sure things are squared away.

Papa Cripclips posted:

So, I had a baseball bat in hand and I walked around with it outside using it as a cane for about 10 minutes. Then, for some reason, I licked the tip of it. I found out later that my friend had poked a dead bird with that bat right before I'd picked it up. The bird had died earlier this morning.

Is there anything I should do?

Disappointing Pie posted:

I have alot of bowel movements throughout the day and quite often they are very non solid in form and can hurt quite bad. Also throughout the day (I walk a ton at my job) I think due to sweating the aforementioned issue and maybe cheeks rubbing they get very very raw they burn and very rarely it itches almost.

Just curious if this is something I should see a doctor about

mindphlux posted:

I believe I severed my posterior tibial artery this morning when I had a long thin shard of glass strike out very precisely below the outside knob in my left ankle. It bled a huge amount, soaking a few rags completely with blood, but eventually clotted and I have a bandage over it now - the wound is no longer bleeding at all. It still hurts a lot, and I am limping - I feel like I sprained my ankle, its mildly swolen. My question is, should I consider seeing a doctor?

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