For my first attempt at a prank, I decided to target a Starcraft player, since if you still play Starcraft you're probably pretty dumb, considering there are five hundred better, newer games out there that you should be playing instead. I started out with the intention of trying to get someone to want to test out a Starcraft-like game by a famous former Blizzard employee or something, but it ended up turning into some kind of virtual reality game thing which involves moving a lot of furniture and swallowing action figures. Watch for the clever reference to Space Robot Bonanza!

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - Hello... are you around?

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - hello there matey

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - Hello Do you live near Perth? Do you play Starcraft? I'm Jeffery Anderson, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment BTW :)

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - ok then 1:) i live in perth aculay in Mt pleasnt 2:) i like playing star craft brood war it a cool game 3:) i am [Mad-Keg] formaly Mad-Keg entatanment ;:)

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - OK, that's great! Would you be interested in beta-testing a secret new game? As you may have heard, some of us Former Blizzard employees broke away to form a new company, Phat Rips Entertainment. We've been working on this game for the past year and we want to test some of the more... interesting... features on hardcore players first!

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - ok cool so whats it about have herd about a gome called halo is it like that with the grafics

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - Hehe. Halo is a child's toy to be stepped on. They're still using POLYGONS, for pete's sake, we're using NURB-based reality actuators... all graphics are generated by real world objects and animated in the game in real-time. It's hard to explain, but basically we can take any thing that exists in the real-world and project it into the game... and it is almost impossible to tell the difference. The closest thing to reality we can hope for!

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - ok sign me in then and can i have the other ppls icq num that are playing it so i can talk to them pls

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - It's not quite this simple. This is a very important project... but if you aren't interested in trying it out, that's fine. It will require a lot of dedication to play. The capsule I spoke of is a controller. This is a virtual reality game, basically, and you will need it to move around and see the world. Monitors cannot handle the graphics.

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - shit how much play time i play counter strike lots

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - Oh, then you may be perfect for this... We will need fifty hours, at least, of beta testing from you. But, you'll get the controller, a $1500 item, and a lifetime subscription to the service. Think of this game as Counter-Strike... but in real-life, in real-time, with actual models of cities and thousands of players within them. Hostages, terrorists, innocent bystanders, and shopkeepers...

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - You can place this outside, it's totally waterproof. And we will pay $1000 if we have to move furniture, that's part of the secret.

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - cool the main thing is my perants to let me so what are the dimentions eg hight length wedth

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - 3 by 3 feet square and about seven feet high. It can go outside, however. It does need to plug in to the wall, but most interactivity such as gunshots is powered by compressed air of some kind that is captured from a collector on top.

[FFE][Mad-Keg] - how do you get out of the game

Jeffery (Fragmaster) - you select quit within your menu and the capsule door opens. Still having some issues with that. Also, we do not recommend falling within the game. You must have good balance.

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