What they say: "With your aborative operation, the magnetic suspension flying disk will mysti-cally enter into a state of suspension high up in the air, just as a true space flying disk. The sight of which is very peculiar and will bring you with endless joy and reverie."

From what I can gather, this is a platform full of magnets and probably some horrible form of Chinese radiation that will cover your precious kids with tumors. You stick a magnetic disk on a plastic top and conduct an "aborative operation" that will cause it to fly a few inches into the air.

Though I am a seeker of endless joy and reverie, I don't really think I'm equipped to judge whether or not this device performs just as a true space flying disk. I suppose if UFOs do work this way we should start looking for the big plastic platforms and magnets. They might be a little easier to find.

What they say:
"Magnetic massage ball are high-tech products of brightness and rigidity. These products are world popular in toy and health care market. These products are extensively used in heath care massage and give people a lot of enjoy and comfort. Magnetic massages make you in possession of happy as well as health."

The Chinese love their magnets to the point that there are approximately 50 different companies manufacturing these vibrating egg toys. From the looks of them, rattlesnake eggs might also make certain womanly parts in possession of happy.

Unless you plan to get saucy with rattlesnake egg, the amusement factor of the toy will expire in the amount of time it takes you to get the package open. Those with health problems might be interested in seeking assistance from a product not named after a venomous snake.

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